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What solutions are you going to find on this page? We commonly understand web design as that site that shows up in Google and shows everyone who searches for you what you do and offer. It is true, but this concept is oversimplified.

At MORHE we clearly differentiate between web design and web development, one part is in charge of improving the user experience (design) and the other part is in charge of achieving a useful and fast solution (development). Furthermore, this term in addition to any corporate website also includes any application that you can access from your computer with a simple connection to a web environment.

Corporate Website Design and Optimization

  • We create your company’s corporate website
  • Improve the visibility of your website on Google
  • We optimize the experience and interface with which your future customers interact

RPA solutions to automate tasks

  • We adapt commercial solutions or make customized developments according to the needs of your business
  • Save time and money by automating any process in your company
  • Improve the speed, accuracy, and traceability of your everyday processes

Why do you need an optimized website?

The growth of digital sales is incredibly accelerated, especially in retail, but B2B is not lagging behind either. There are several reasons for this trend, we tell you this and more importantly, how you can take advantage of it.

Advantages of creating a website for your company

  • Go from being a local business (dependent on where your facilities are located) to being able to offer your services to many more potential customers
  • Sales can be made 24/7, your website does not stop, and it will always be available to generate new revenue
  • Creates a more professional and modern brand image
  • Do not leave all the control of your business in the hands of third parties such as Amazon, Fiverr, eBay, Alibaba or Mercado Libre, if they want to stop displaying a product or service on their platform you will stop attracting customers…

Inconveniences of having a website for your company

  • It is an emerging market but increasingly established, this causes the competition to be fierce in certain sectors. This may require additional effort to optimize your website and SEO
  • You will have to perform different tasks than before to manage these new orders or to maintain the website, but don’t worry! We will help you with whatever you need so that you don’t have any issues

Web Design and Development Services for SMEs

Get a friendly, fast website that generates more revenue for your business. Our design team will be responsible for providing a satisfactory user experience while from the programming area, we cover your needs in terms of functionality and speed so that Google does not penalize you.

  • We create a website from scratch or redesign the one you currently have to give that fresh image to your online business
  • We optimize your website so you can convert more visitors into customers and generate more revenue
  • Get search engine-friendly designs to better rank your website
  • Don’t worry, we keep your website updated so that every day more and more people discover your amazing website

Why automate my daily tasks?

Many times, due to inertia, we don’t realize it, but we invest a great number of hours of our day in repetitive tasks that, of course, are necessary, but in the face of the final customer, they are invaluable.

If these hours were used to boost the business to grow instead of being consumed in routine tasks, the results that your company would obtain would be much better.

Benefits of automating processes

  • Improve your company’s operations by reducing time spent on recurring tasks that can be replicated by RPA (robotic process automation) systems
  • Your team will be able to bring a differential value to the company, they will no longer perform tasks as a “robot” but will be able to seek the optimization of processes to reduce costs or increase sales by improving the customer lifecycle experience among others
  • Reduce or eliminate human errors from your business processes. Anybody has a bad day, a mistake without malice but that can make you lose a customer or cause you to have to repeat a process again without having to do it

Disadvantages of having a website for your company

  • It is an emerging market but increasingly established, this causes the competition to be fierce in certain sectors. This may require additional effort to optimize your website and SEO
  • You will have to perform different tasks than before to manage these new orders or for the maintenance of the web, but do not worry! We accompany you in what you need so you do not have any problem

Repetitive Task Automation Services

Finding out what your business needs are and what should be automated according to those objectives is just the first step. Once this is defined we are specialists in automating boring tasks with Python, although if the situation requires it we will find other solutions that better fit your automation needs in Excel or any other functionality that you can think of.

All this automation of jobs and tasks is applicable to countless solutions of any type of company and/or department, contact us to see first-hand examples of automation that could be used in your company.

  • Don’t waste your time on repetitive tasks with little added value for your end customer, they can be automated
  • Gain agility in your projects by replicating automatable tasks
  • Reduce costs in your day-to-day business by automating your operations

Don’t know what kind of website or application you need?

Tell us, what do you need? Maybe a corporate website, or perhaps a more informal but elegant design. Maybe you prefer an RPA system that if done automatically could improve the results of your department or business.

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FAQ Web Design and Development

What is a website for?

To position and improve the image of your brand in order to grow your business by reaching new customers that you could not reach in an analogical way.

What does a web designer do?

Prepare a website optimized for the end customer, with this in mind, look for a design according to the indications indicated by the business owner, and that allows having a new efficient sales channel.

What do RPA and automation means?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or task automation is responsible for replicating repetitive processes carried out in the day-to-day operations of your company by a “robot” with minimal or no user intervention.

Which processes to automate in my company?

A clear example of this are administrative tasks, reports, etc.

Anything that involves recurring actions, anything you can think of, from a simple click or mouse movement to the calculation of a formula, and the result are saved in an Excel sheet that you use as history.

What free RPA software does MORHE recommend to automate processes?

Depending on the department or business you are in, it will vary, but some of them like Zapier, Automate.io, or Workato. For specific cases, custom solutions are required (this is usually the norm as each company works differently) so here a development that replicates your process will be required.