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Improving your business profits through digital transformation

Digitalization Services for SMEs

The growth of your business is limited to the resources you have available, so proposing strategies that allow you to scale your business in a simple way is key to increasing the performance of a company.

How you manage the digital transformation of your company will mean the success or failure of the implementation of a software or digital tool, it is not only that this new program is useful, your team must learn to live with it.

  • Compare existing programs in the market and implement the one that best suits your business
  • Request customized software with the functionalities your business needs
  • We help you to monitor and control your digitalization projects, in all their phases (previous analysis, conceptualization, implementation, support, and subsequent improvements)

How do I manage this digital transformation in my business?

En la mayoría de ocasiones el éxito de un proyecto de digitalización depende de la correcta realización e implantación de este, para ello se deben conocer aspectos clave que resultan en el éxito o fracaso de estos procesos.

En el caso de no contar con la experiencia suficiente lo mejor es externalizar estas tareas para asegurarte que te vas a poder beneficiar de todas las ventajas que ofrece la digitalización.

Benefits of outsourcing the digitalization of your company

  • Reduce possible errors by facilitating the tasks to be performed with new programs or applications that simplify your processes
  • Anticipation of possible needs that may arise in the future and greater agility of response to the different situations that may arise
  • The main key to the success of these projects lies in the acceptance of these new technologies in the company, so having a team with experience in these areas is essential

Inconvinients of outsourcing your digital transformation

  • Communication with the digitizing partner is key, he must communicate with your company frequently to update the project’s status. This is essential to make the transition to the new tools as easy as possible
  • The deadlines do not depend only on your company, so you must agree on deadlines for deliveries with a defined scope in a consensual manner

Boost your business with your digitization projects

Surely you want your business to grow, and one of the best ways to do this is to digitize. To do this let us guide you in a first contact at no cost in which you can consult us about the doubts you have and discover how to take your business to the next level.

Digitally transforming a company is not something simple, it is usually a progressive process that can take a long time, for this reason, it is key to know where you want and you can prioritize the work area to digitize.

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Examples of Digitization Projects

When thinking about digitization projects you can think of an infinite number of cases, from the development of a customized application to the transition from analog to digital sales through an online store or the social networks of your business.

Let’s look at some examples of digitization and how it can benefit your revenue.

Social Media Management Services for SMEs

  • Get the word out about your business and what you offer to more people with impactful content.
  • Improves your brand image and trust with potential customers
  • Analyze your media impact through regular reports, we meet with you to share insights and drive your business forward
  • Train yourself or delegate the maintenance of your social networks to continue growing without headaches

SEO positioning services for SMEs

  • Get more sales by ranking your website at the top of search engines like Google
  • Passively gain visitors to your website with relevant and quality content, without the need for paid advertising.
  • Benefit from organic positioning (SEO) to improve the visibility of your brand and generate more confidence in your future customers.

SEM Services Online Advertising for companies

  • Promote your services and products online to an already segmented audience, increasing the chances of closing a purchase
  • Optimize your existing campaigns and increase your revenues
  • Get immediate results with SEM campaigns (clicks, followers, purchases, registrations, etc.) with a reduced investment

Email Marketing Services for your business

  • Extend your customer’s life cycle by building customer loyalty, making them empathize with your brand through email campaigns
  • Massively inform your contacts of all your news with impactful and valuable content.
  • Creates cross-selling and up-selling strategies
  • Measure and automate actions such as opens, clicks, and many other actions on sent emails that facilitate the optimization of your campaigns

Aspects to take into account in your Digitalization Strategy

Your future customers spend an average of about 2.5 hours a day consulting, reviewing, and sharing content on various applications.

Doesn’t that seem like a lot? Just 8 years ago the average time was an hour and a half, we are talking about more than 65% growth in less than a decade and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down…

And depending on the work you do, we should add the many other hours that we can spend in front of a computer while we carry out our tasks with the help of various software programs on our computer.

Effective digital media communication

  • With a large number of companies and influencers sharing content, so much noise makes it difficult for your message to reach your potential customers for free
  • A poor choice of social network or a bad social network strategy can waste time and money

Atención, el SEO no es inmediato

  • SEO results are not immediate, depending on performance, results may not be seen for 2-12 months
  • SEO requires a lot of perseverance, you have to update and optimize the content of your pages so that Google decides that they are relevant to the user

Don’t lose sight of these key points in your SEM strategy

  • Although low-investment SEM campaigns are possible, the optimization of your advertising campaigns is key to getting the most out of all the money invested
  • Traffic coming from SEM “disappears” when you stop contributing money to your campaigns. For this, it is recommended to combine it with SEO optimization strategies

How to have a successful email marketing strategy?

  • Given the wide variety of email marketing tools for businesses, it can be confusing to choose from
  • Requires someone to design and follow up on the strategy to be implemented
  • You need an optimal and quality email list to really boost your recurring earnings

FAQ Digitalization Project Management

What is the digital transformation of companies? What is the difference between digitization and digital transformation?

Digitization consists of performing tasks or actions by means of software and tools while digital transformation goes further by taking into account the solution of problems with existing technical means and for a specific company.

In short, Digital Transformation = Digitalization + Business Solutions.

Do I need to outsource these IT consulting services?

There are thousands of programs, applications and solutions on the market so it can be a real headache to select which one best suits your needs or if you need something customized, for these digital consultancies like ours can make your life much easier.

What does a social media manager do?

This is the person responsible for controlling the strategic plan in your digital media. He/she designs content that improves your company’s digital presence in social networks and plans the distribution of this in the different communication channels you have.

What digital communication channels should my company be on?

It will depend on the type of customer you have, are you looking for business (B2B), end customer (B2C), or any specific age range?
For example, the youngest audience is found on TikTok and Instagram while the most professional is found on LinkedIn.

What is the meaning of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a web page organically in search engines such as Google or Bing.

How long does SEO take to produce results, and what about SEM?

This question is difficult to answer because it will not always be the same. In the best of cases, we have started to see noticeable results after a month or 2 months and in others, this period has extended to almost two years, why? The competition was higher and the investment in weekly SEO time was very low and practically null for SEM.

What SEO tools can I use to perform my optimizations?

What does SEM mean?

Search Engine Marketing is a marketing technique that improves the visibility of your brand through paid marketing actions.

Which platforms do I choose for my SEM marketing strategies?

It depends on each business, where is your customer searching, and what content format are you creating? Generally speaking, you can think of LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads for B2B businesses and others such as TikTok Ads, Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads for B2C.

What is email marketing?

Email advertising is a plan or strategy that is carried out with the objective of commercially exploiting a service or product by means of mass emailing (NOT spam) from the contacts you have collected.

What type of companies is email marketing useful for?

For all of them. The only thing that changes between businesses is the focus of the content to be created; e-commerce focused on B2C would not need the same email marketing campaign as a B2B business. For this, a plan must be defined that seeks to boost the sales of specific customers, and this varies between companies and even between business units of the same company.

What emailing tools does MORHE recommend?

If you are just starting out, we recommend MailerLite or MailChimp. If you need more sophisticated solutions, Sendinblue or Acumbamail are among others.