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Data Management Services and Reporting

We usually have a large amount of information about our company at our fingertips but we often do not take advantage of it, often due to a lack of knowledge of its usefulness or lack of time.

For this purpose, data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) methods are used that allow, a simple information panel, to visualize how the company is working. In this way, pain points are detected and action plans are established to improve your company’s performance.

  • Take advantage of your business data to make the best decisions for your company based on your business data
  • Visualize what is happening in your business in a simple, intuitive way, and in real-time
  • Manage large amounts of data and perform complex analyses quickly and automatically

Why monitor my business data with Dashboards?

It cannot be said that you are in search of improvement when we often do not have defined metrics, or do not monitor them properly, to help us know if we are going in the right direction. That is why it is key to establish measurable objectives that can be easily tracked, for example, with a scorecard.

Advantages resulting from proper data control

  • Optimize your business by detecting points of improvement easily with the help of the information that can be observed in the dashboards
  • Align your business strategy to clear and measurable metrics, and do not let the direction of your business depend only on opinions, from time to time you will need to review and confirm that you are still in the right direction or on the contrary, you need to make changes
  • Look at information from a variety of sources (different tools and software) simultaneously. You can see all this data in a single dashboard after an integration

Difficulties arising from the management of your data

  • In cases of Big Data (large volume of data) the extraction and transformation of data become more complex as the volume of information increases or the number of integrations between different databases grows. The optimization of these processes is key so that the system does not slow down excessively
  • A correct interpretation of the represented data must be carried out, for this, we support you at a training level to establish the graphics you need and to interpret them properly

Monitoring your Business Data

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FAQ Data Processing and Analysis

What is the meaning of ETL?

It is a data integration that consists of three steps: extraction, transformation, and loading of the information.

In the first step, data are acquired from the different desired sources, in the second step, modifications and/or calculations are made on these databases and, finally, the information is loaded graphically on a dashboard.

What is a scorecard?

Also called information panels or dashboards, these represent customizable reports with different graphics that show the current status of a company or department of it.

What is Big Data?

A high volume of data with a certain complexity is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to process by traditional means such as Excel.

What tools does MORHE recommend for your company’s information panels?

If you are starting out, we recommend tools such as DataStudio or PowerBi because of the functionalities they offer and their low cost. If you require more professional alternatives, you can create customized dashboards with tools such as Streamlit.