5 fears of digitalization

The world of technology has changed our lives in countless ways, and it continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace. From smartphones to tablets to apps to social media platforms, we now live in an interconnected world where any type of information is just a click away.

Many people feel anxious when they start using new technologies. This article will explain why it is normal to feel this fear and give you tips on how to overcome them.

5 common fears of digitalization

The fear of change is very common, it is not bad, but it can deprive us of benefits or advantages that are unattainable with our way of working and proceeding today. In the following lines, we have recovered for you the 5 main concerns that this digitization process awakens in us, either in our companies or in our personal environment.

Not understanding the benefits of going digital

The first major barrier is not understanding the benefits of going digital or focusing only on the difficulties. A typical thought is “why am I going to digitize my business if it has been running all my life without that technology”. However, as more and more companies adopt digital solutions, the advantages are becoming more and more evident, just look around you and you will see how other companies are passing you left and right “stealing” your customers, there simply comes a point where you can not compete in quality, cost, or speed of delivery …

You don’t trust the devices

Many people are simply not comfortable using computers or smartphones. This is especially true for older generations who grew up before the Internet was commonplace. As a result, they often feel uncomfortable interacting with devices they don’t fully understand. To do this, you need to look not only for the tools but also for quality digital provider training.


I have no time

It may be true, adopting a new digital tool requires some time to adapt, so you will need to invest some time at the beginning. However, once this phase is over (you can go from a few days to several weeks) you will notice how much time you are saving. You will perform tasks in minutes that used to take hours.

It is so expensive for me

We all think about that software that is going to cost us thousands of euros and that we may not know how to use… The reality is that there are plenty of free or very low-cost solutions that would meet the needs of your company.

Where to start

There are countless alternatives on the market, and it can be difficult to decide between so many options, so it is usually common to have the support of digital suppliers to advise you and configure the tools, this cost is much lower than the development of a custom program.

5 advantages of digitization in the world of work

Reduce costs and improve the quality of your service in order to satisfy your current customers and attract new ones. Some examples of what implementations could benefit you would be:

Automate annoying and time-consuming tasks

If you’ve ever tried to do anything manually, you know how tedious it can be. There’s nothing worse than spending hours trying to complete a task only to discover that you’ve left out some small detail along the way. Fortunately, there are applications that automate tasks that would otherwise take too much time. These applications allow you to set up rules that automatically perform certain actions based on certain criteria.

Some examples would be to facilitate billing tasks, inventory management, or accounting for your company.

Grow your online brand without having to invest thousands of euros in conventional advertising

One of the fastest ways to grow your brand is through social networks. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, allow businesses to connect with current customers and potential customers. These social networks also provide a space for businesses to share information about themselves and their products to reach anywhere in the world.

Improve team communication and project management

Dozens of calls and emails to clarify with everyone involved in that project you have in hand, sound familiar? It shouldn’t be so complicated, there are very economical alternatives that facilitate this communication by centralizing everything in one place, from conversations to online documents.


Manage all your customers from one place

If you’ve ever tried to manage multiple customer accounts using spreadsheets or email, you know how difficult it is. That’s why companies are turning to online tools to make customer management easier so they don’t miss a single business opportunity.

Personalize each customer’s shopping experience

This means that when a customer signs up for your service, they will receive a unique experience with customizable features based on their tastes, needs, etc. All this is configurable and can make your sales grow thanks to the connection generated with your contact.